• Basics

  • What do we do on these trips?

    Each individual country page on our site describes the activities for that trip, but in general, Cross Point trips are highly relational. We spend lots of time with the people of the community - things like meetings, church, home visits, talent shows, games with kids, and meals. The goal is to establish a real understanding of the people and place we visit.

    Throughout 2016 and into 2017, we'll be adding specialty trips, taking people with specific skills to our communities to help them with medical need, entrepreneurial/business development, and leadership training.

  • Does Cross Point take construction trips?

    Cross Point no longer does construction trips, but the reasons we don't are interesting:

    • Employment. In most poor communities around the world, unemployment is very high (50% or higher). Of these unemployed, almost all will be unskilled laborers, capable of the basic construction needed. If we go build their projects, we're taking jobs from them.
    • Economy. By paying local laborers to build their community, we're contributing to their economy. They spend their wages on goods within the community.
    • Quality. Most of us Americans, even if skilled in construction, don't know how to build according to the local customs of the places we visit. Local laborers can build to their exact style and quality.
    • Philosophy. One of Cross Point's Top 10 Global Good Principles is this: "Never do for others what they can do for themselves." People in poor places need to know they have agency over their lives!
  • Does Cross Point take medical trips?

    In the past, Cross Point took medical trips, but we've pushed the pause button on those for right now. We found that our medical trips (which provide free care) were actually causing harm to local medical providers in the communities where we serve. Our free care was undermining their ability to stay in business. We're now designing medical trips that STRENGTHEN the existing medical infrastructure in our communities.

    If you have interest in medical trips, please send us an email here and let us know because we'll soon resume them!

  • How many people go on each trip?

    Each trip has a maximum of 12 people to create a great group dynamic.

  • Passport

  • What if I don’t have a passport?

    Let's get you one! Go to the US State Department website to get started.

  • How long does it take to get a passport?

    The State Department typically processes passport applications in 4-6 weeks. However, expedited options are available that can get a passport in 3 weeks or, in essential situations, eight days (with a visit to a regional passport office).

  • What if my passport is expired?

    Passport expiration dates must be valid for six months AFTER the return date of your trip. If you need to renew your passport, you can get started here.

  • Health

  • Do I need any vaccines to go on a trip?

    Cross Point (nor the countries we visit) require any vaccinations. But we recommend the same vaccinations that the US Center for Disease Control recommends for each country. For most countries this means Hepatitis A and B and also Typhoid. More detailed information is available on each of the country pages on the Cross Point Global Good website.

    We do, however, strongly recommend getting a prescription for the antibiotic called Ciprofloxacin. It is an anti-diarrheal that can stand up against bacteria in the countries we visit.

  • How often do people get sick on these trips?

    Very rarely do people get sick. It does occasionally happen, but it rarely means more than staying back one day from the group. In all our trips, we've never had someone miss more than one day on a trip.

  • Communication

  • Will we have internet access on the trip?

    All of the locations we visit have wireless internet. It is sometimes not fast, but it works. You can email and post photos of the trip in the mornings and evenings while we're at our lodging location.

  • Will my cell phone work on the trip?

    Cell phones won't work in the countries we visit without an international calling plan from your wireless provider. For most people traveling with us, this isn't necessary. But if your work requires you to be available while you're gone, international voice and data plans are available from all the major US carriers.

  • Travel

  • Can I go early or stay late in the country?

    We do not allow any deviations from our trip plans because of the increased coordination that requires. Additionally, nearly all of our travel is booked as "Group Travel" which restricts us to have everyone on the same travel plans.

  • Can we bring food/candy/gifts to the people?

    We don't take gifts or candy to the people because it almost always causes problems. People in the community get frustrated that there wasn't enough to go around or that they didn't get the type of gift they wanted. It creates big problems for us as trip leaders, so please don't bring things with you to hand out.