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We're so glad you're here. We launched our new website and we hope you enjoy it! With a project this big there are bound to be some things that have been moved to new places. If you’re having trouble finding something make sure to check out our improved search or ask our new digital receptionist.

- The CrossPoint.TV Team

Once a month, everyone across #crosspointtv gives just $1 to see the amazing things that can happen when we all #dogood together. Through the Dollar Club, we’ve seen your generosity make an incredible impact on the lives of those who may have previously felt forgotten, or unloved.


20 Dollar Club

Our hearts were moved to action as we partnered with what God is doing through Piyas and Jaishree in Kolkata, India. We believe strongly in the India Dream Home for Boys and are so excited that we were finally able to reveal the “why” behind the 20 Dollar Club!


This month’s Dollar Club goes to a family who goes above & beyond in sharing God’s love & trusting in His provision. Share this with someone who needs a reminder of God’s faithfulness.

REYNA + DANIEL | The Dollar Club

Despite miscarriages & hardship, Reyna & Daniel were able to feel the peace that prayer brings. Share this month’s Dollar Club to spread hope to those who may desperately need it.

The Dollar Club:
Jason Miller

With the incredible love that he has poured into our church during our season of transition between Senior Pastors, we’re so honored and humbled to present this month’s Dollar Club to Jason Miller and South Bend City Church in Indiana!

The Dollar Club:
Auslyn Thomas

This month’s edition of the Dollar Club went to Auslyn, a single mom of 3 who stepped out in faith to embrace the power of community. Her “next step” was one into vulnerability — in being open about her struggles, her community group was able to support and encourage her in Christ.

The Dollar Club:
Christina Sanchez

This month’s Dollar Club was extra special. We had the privilege of giving to Christina Sanchez because of your generosity. Christina has served a long time with Cross Point and her story has impacted many. This is our way of coming along side her as her family.


“I never come expecting more than what’s given.” These single parents make such a strong impact every single day. This Christmas edition of the Dollar Club is proudly dedicated to them.